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Brand Activation Company

The process of making your brand known to people, increasing awareness and engagement through some kind of brand experience.

Brand activation is marketing that, using one or more of six unique categories, both enhances the image of a company and motivates an audience’s action. By creating a personal connection and engaging with the customer, these disciplines assist in coming the brand to life. Spending lakhs on marketing yet can’t get those stubborn sales figures up? It’s time to invest in brand activation! We believe that brand activation is not a service. It is an art! And at INXS we have mastered it! The right activation strategy will blur the fine line between you and your target audience. It will help you connect with your customers more intimately on a personal level. Trust our experts to create a favorable environment where you can interact with your target audience and influence their purchase decision.


  • Channel Partner Activation

  • Market Outreach Program

  • Experiential Marketing Program

  • Retail Activation

  • Rural Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing Program

  • Integrated Media Campaigns

  • Shop-in-Shop Activation

  • Public Health Programs

  • Public Awareness Programs

  • Steet Plays (NukkadNatak)

  • Road Show Programs

  • Mall & Market Activation Program

  • Live Sampling Activities

top brand activation services in delhi

Why Us?

We at INXS Creations understand that any brand activation strategy needs to be consistent, relevant &persistent. Let our experts use digital campaigns, experiential marketing, retail merchandising, sampling promotions, and other advanced activation techniques so that you can explore the wide spectrum of brand activation!

How would we do it?

Engagement is the most crucial aspect of any brand activation strategy. But not just that, we focus on many other essential elements to make the journey smooth for you!

Negotiating & coordinating sponsorships for events

Supporting the media packages

Identifying & negotiating celebrity appearances

Developing highly engaging activities

Making social & publicity strategies

Conceptualization, strategizing and execution

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